Save Spaghetti-O's!

In 1978, my mom got a big important job in Boston and joined the legions of liberated working moms. I joined the legions of latchkey kids, proudly wearing our silver house key under my rainbow shirt.

It is then that I fell in love with Chef Boy-R-Dee. Strange name, but his food was awesome to a pre-teen kid entrusted to use one pot, a spoon, and the oven.

Spaghetti-O's ruled... I ate a big warm bowl during cartoons when I got home, and my love affair with comfort food began. Today, various trainers, gym memberships, and weight loss products owe a huge debt of gratitude to Chef, who invented the most delicious and fattening yummies on the planet. If food is love, I'm "Client 9" in a clandestine affair with... Spaghetti-O's. Don't forget the bread and butter to dip it in. Carb-a-licious!

The Onion is reporting the possible demise of my favorite comfort food:
http://www.theonion.com/content/node/28022#email_this. Speak up for the defenseless circular pasta, with meatballs or franks!


Anonymous said...

So I have to point out one small fact error in your musings, a common one which has always been dear to me. Spaghetti-O's are actually a part of the Franco American family, not Chef Boyardee. As a personal lover of the Franco American actual long spaghetti (rather than the "o's" most have so dearly come to love) I just want to make sure we are handing our support to the right company... instead of that scary chef who's always leaving out our vegetarian friends by insisting we insert meat into every canned pasta selection. ;)- Jyllian

Julie Dennehy said...

You are SO right… and I linked to the Franco-American site, too. Blogging at the speed of light, I mixed up my meatball manufacturers. And I agree that Chef needs to get with the times and offer turkey meatballs and – heck – no meat offerings.