Only a mother could love a face like this

Are you a do-gooder type?
I'm a mom to two great kids. The older one has always tried to take the high road, mortified when other kids flick food and insult lunch ladies. Okay, he laughs, but he generally "tows the line." He's a straight shooter, and I dig every little cell in his little body for that... among other things.

Until this week. Now I'm nervous. I think I'll encouraging Robin Hood to dare to walk a bit on the dark side, thus managing my expectations. I ask you: What Would Eliot's Mom Do (WWEMD)?
Holier-Than-Thou Eliot Spitzer left his pulpit... I mean political career... today with a three-minute resignation - an ending to a career that was fittingly as long as the crime act itself. Check out his uber-frown... now that's the face of a guy who is supremely bummed out. How would you feel if you lost your career of fighting corruption to The World's Oldest Profession? I'd clench my lips together too, displaying my uber-frown. Organized crime and computer chip price fixing simply isn't as fun as prostitution when it comes to getting paid off by a New Jersey madam in "value-added benefits".
From what I hear, Spitzer (aka Client #9) was never a respected, beloved guy. As a kid, playing Truth or Dare with little Eliot was as one-sided as playing charades with a blind guy. This meticulously-maintained, thinly-veiled facade of piety has a big, nasty tear in it that you can't cover up with an applique.
Could my nine-year-old do-gooder ever be this guy some day? Who are the role models for today's whistleblowers, tattle-talers and do-gooders? Karen Silkwood? Linda Tripp? Jeffrey Weigand? Oprah? Brangelina and their merry global band of future do-gooders?

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