The Randomness of Being [Funny On The Web]

I love Stumble. It's a website. A widget and a window of selective randomness. A virtual slot machine of surfing the web, but it's like having a Vegas uncle who works at a casino who can rig that machine to land on those coveted cherries each and every time.

Once you go on the site and choose from a huge array of check boxes indicating your surfing preferences (mine: cats, humor, cooking, fitness, Buddhism... you get the idea), Mr. Stumble will kindly escort you to only the websites that have to do with your preferences. Get it? It's like having a British butler show you around... one who discreetly knows exactly what you like and don't like. And with bazillions of random websites out there, who has time for randomness if you feel like surfing around for funny stuff?

I also love board games, especially Monopoly. Mr. Stumble brought me to this website with most hysterical iterations of the ever-popular Community Chest and Chance cards. In light of today's news about Eliot Spitzer's $5,000 board game partner (that IS what they were doing in that hotel room, right Client #9?)... maybe DribbleGlass should come up with a new commemorative Spitzer card. OK, that one was too easy.

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