Got a Secret?

So... in my vain attempt to be cool, I subscribed to a free, funky, fascinating e-newsletter/website called The Cool Hunter. As a PR consultant, I try to be on top of trends and "what's hot" - and let's face it, trend spotting is just good old-fashioned fun.

In the most recent issue of The Cool Hunter's electronic newsletter, I found a blog called Post Secret, one of the world's most popular sites encouraging people to submit a secret, visually depicted. "In less than a year, the PostSecret website has become the 2nd largest Blog on the web (as ranked by technorati.com this month)."

Amazing... and to think I kept my secrets in my diary where no one can enjoy and share them! What's your secret?

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Anonymous said...

My secret is I MISS WORKING FOR JULIE! Okay... not much of a secret, but I wanted you to know I now realize how lucky I am to have you as a mentor and friend. Great blog, keep on writing!

P.S. You'd be proud, I'm considered the "creative writer" around the office. Just goes to show you the lack of writing talent around here! ;)