Easter Bunny Caught In Germany: Film At 11

I was raised Jewish, am now a Unitarian Universalist, and love Easter. Go figure... maybe it's the chocolate bunnies, brightly colored eggs, and big dinners.

Speaking of bunnies, this photo popped up with the heading "Real Easter Bunny Caught". I showed my two kids the photo, still unclear whether they believed in the Easter Bunny.

Instead of comment on the rabbit's size or where it came from, my nine-year-old exclaimed, "WHOA! Someone caught the real Easter Bunny??!? They are so lucky."

I guess he still believes. Aren't kids funny?


Melissa said...

That is a SCARY bunny!

Liz said...

Hey Julie,

Glad to have you on line so that I can log on when I need a smile.

There's definitely not enough humor in my life, unless I laugh at myself. Better to laugh at what you're writing.