Everything's Irish if you add an O'

One of my muses is my daughter, who is hysterical on a daily basis. She's done all the usual toddler/preschool tricks: "decorated" her room with a Sharpie, smeared worldly possessions with "found" Vaseline, cut her hair with scissors, danced in front of a movie theater screen to the cheers of hundreds... heck, kids do the darndest things, and are constant sources of humor.

Today is St. Patrick's Day, a very, very big deal in my town where names like Sullivan, Hennessey, Fitzpatrick and Connelly are commonplace. At an "Our Heritage" assembly at the elementary school, 13 of the 20-odd kids in the classroom waved the Irish flag symbolizing their family's heritage. Or claimed heritage. Either way, you do the math.... it's a big deal here.

However, my green-garbed cherub came home from kindergarten and told us they had to add an O' in front of everyone's name just for fun "like, just for a day or for the rest of their lives or until tomorrow - well, like, whatever". Imagine the little Pakistani kid's tears... I'm sure he doesn't want an O apostrophe in front of his name. I'm not sure that was exactly a "culturally sensitive" classroom gag, but she thought it was as funny as a leprechaun's arse protruding from a pot o' gold, gosh and begorrah. Or as funny as the time "last week, or last month, whatever" when the entire kindergarten class, entrusted to make it from the art room back to the classroom without a teacher, made a detour to hide in an empty classroom "in the corner, where no one could see us or hear us." Good times for that kindergarten teacher who couldn't find her class of 23, huh? She should have sent a few leprechauns on those tricksters... if that story told to me by my own little leprechaun is even true. About 75 percent of her stories are, I'd wager.

Now go celebrate in a culturally sensitive way by hanging green beads around your neck, drinking green beer that stains your tongue and clothing, and eating fried food that will clog up your o'arteries. I'm going outside to go chase some pesky snakes out of my backyard.

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Amy Smith said...

Hopefully they're pesky GREEN snakes? Very cute -- from the mouths of babes! Love the stories about little girls! I remember growing up, we always got green bagels on St. Pattie's Day -- and my in-laws make the kids green eggs. You could really have fun with this holiday at any age! -- Amy O'Smith :)