Deep thoughts about trivia bees

So last night I swallowed my pride, gathered my kids and my vast trivia knowledge, and participated in my town's Trivia Bee representing the nonprofit Friends of Choate Park group. I thought I would be all that and a bag of chips. WRONG. My limited knowledge of sports and geography held me back... my teammates astounded me with their quick answers to questions about the British monarchy, literature and U.S. demographics (who knew one densest states is little Rhode Island, which I fondly call the Speedbump State?)

Trivia bees are odd creatures. They bring out the most competitive natures in all of us, that "Look at me! Praise me! I'm smart!" facet of us latent in every other area of our boring lives. Where else but a trivia night can you crack open that vault in your head, revealing that you have memorized all the passive verbs, or name all the presidents in order, or studied baseball cards religiously? It's an odd, quirky observational human condition, and I loved every minute.

Best of all, the Medway Foundation for Education spent $200 on the event, rustled up some amazing sponsors (thanks Strata Bank!), and made over $6,000 for educational programs. Now THAT'S profitable!

Want to hold your own trivia night? Check out http://www.3streetstrivia.com/ for a kit that makes the planning easy and fun. That way you can spend more time studying facts like who was the oldest president inaugurated (Reagan) or what the first live televised murder (Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby). The important stuff.

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