Deep Thoughts about Shiny Monkeys

Well, it's been a while. Nice to see you. (hug, airkiss, both cheeks) I've been busy refining my blogger skillz over at My Shiny Monkey, a blog I started in late 2010 to focus on content that was both funny and relevant to tweens, my parenting/momblogger friends, and hopefully the larger community. I've met a whole new group of parent bloggers who really inspire me to keep writing, just keep writing, keep learning. An interesting "side job" to running a boutique PR firm, and I'm learning oodles about the blogging world I never would have learned if I didn't jump in. (Wanna jump in? Email me, the water's fine.)

Sorry I haven't visited and posted in a while. Now that THAT shiny monkey is up and running (please check it out), I'll be back more often to post more musings. Promise.

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