School's in... and livin' is easy?

Just a word about back to school. My sassy third-grader and oh-so-cool sixth grader are role model tweens: passionate but hormonal, smart but can make bad decisions, artistic and immoveable, snuggly and standoffish... and that's just before breakfast. I love my kids, but back to school time can also bring work/life challenges that plague all working parents: do you finish that report or attend football practice? Do you watch TV and zone out after a long work day or take the kids to the library? This time of year means new routine, new organizational tools, new transitions for all. I find that each year gets easier to adjust to, then someone upstairs throws a monkey wrench into the works: a death in the community, a nonprofit commitment gone awry, a church social you really want to attend. What tips do you have for keeping afloat?

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