Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime

Julie's Top Ten Reasons to Love Summertime (when the rain stays away):

10. Pedicures are a necessity now that flip flop season is here. Oh, darn.
9. Vitamin D. Sunshine. Tan skin makes you look healthy (even with sunscreen).
8. Procrastination. Vacation. Revelation. Relaxation. Celebration!
7. Busiest quarter of the year = money for back-to-school, holiday shopping done by Nov. 1.
6. Burgers on the grill taste way better in the summer. Must be the sunshine. It adds vitamins (see #9).
5. Did I mention the sunshine? Lazy days at the beach, curling toes in the sand. Any sand.
4. Watching the kids play on a Slip-N-Slide and trying not to cringe.
3. Total and complete envy when I pick them up from camp, and they tell me how much fun they had boating, making wood crafts, singing, telling jokes, walking in the woods... totally jealous.
2. Making S'Mores. And s'more, and s'more, 'till there aren't any s'more marshmallows or chocolate.
and the top reason to love summertime:
1. Giving yourself the gift of time. Example: today we visited our local historic park in the early evening, fishing and watching a free concert where dozens of little ones were innocently singing "You Are My Sunshine" while twirling wands of streamers and marching in a parade... and being right there with them in spirit. Video from my Blackberry attached, so you can be right there with me.

Aaahhhhhh (slurps lemonade, putting feet up). Summer. Now honey, go get mommy another one of her fancy lemonades, the one on the top shelf.

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