Kentucky Fried Madness!

I am proud to be a director and Boston affiliate of the PRConsultants Group, a network of senior-level PR pros who collaborate on clients like Blockbuster, 7-Eleven, and other global brands... all fun stuff, promoting DVD releases, Slurpees, prepaid phones, ice cream, that sort of thing. This winter, we launched a blog called PRCG Powerlines (check it out here) and try to update it regularly with news about our clients, industry news, and best practices.

Or worst practices, in the case of Yum Brands' Kentucky Fried Chicken's grilled chicken promo. Getting product placement and their "free 2-piece meal" promo on Oprah got feathers flying at KFC when demand bested supply, but also started a debate in marketing circles about how to execute promotions and handle the subsequent online/offline buzz... positive and negative.

Read my post about it on the blog and take a poll there... let us know whether you think the promo sizzled, simmered, or soured, whether or not you are a marketing guru yourself.

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