Bitter about Twitter? Nah, not me.

Sure, sure... Twitter is all the rage. NBA players are getting in trouble for using Twitter to send short messages (tweets) from the locker room at half time. Jurors are causing mistrials by tweeting during long boring hours in the courtroom. There's Twouble in the Twittersphere: people tweeting about things that don't matter.

Check out this hilarious video from Current.com, and your view of Twitter will change forever.

Now I've been on Twitter for about a year, and I get it. It was fun to tweet during the election, during a conference, and heck, even during a commute to/from a meeting. But generally, I have a life and stuff to do and I prefer face-to-face (or phone to phone) communication.

The video talks about people who talk about themselves in a vacuum without caring who/what/when they are talking with or about. That's going to be Twitter's downfall, I predict... too many tweets into the twittersphere without even caring if there is a response. Plus the "fail whale" (symbol that appears when the system goes down) is becoming an icon for system fail... not exactly the notoriety a website strives for.

It all comes down to this: communication is a two-way street. No exceptions. Twitter has a tough time making that stick.

Which is also why blogging is so strange to me... please comment on this post if you agree. :)

Signing off...

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