method to my madness

Ok, here's my "cleaning confession": I love organizing my stuff, but hate cleaning. Especially under beds and on top of shelving and ceiling fans.

I have had the pleasure of representing method and the "people against dirty" who market a great line of eco-friendly household cleaners. I learned a lot about the toxic chemicals under my sink, and tossed them on Earth Day in favor of products friendly to my kids, dog and cats.

Here are few things I learned over the past few weeks:
-- The right mop can do wonders.
-- The right cleansers can do wonders.
-- Aerosol cans (air freshners et al.) are a flammable gas, and are bad.
-- The caps on laundry detergent are too big. If you can smell it on your clean clothes, you've used too much.
-- Look for toys that are PVC-free. (PVC = a triangle with a 3 in it)
-- For baking, silicone beats all, especially the PFOA chemical used in nonstick coating cookware.

And there's more, but you'll have to visit the website. I have to go clean my kitchen floor... the dog just had his morning slobber.

What's your cleaning confession?


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

My cleaning confession - when it comes to Method - is that I only spray the cucumber stuff on my windows because it smells so dang good. I'm not really all that bothered about cleaning my windows, in general...

suzgoddessmom said...

Hi Julie, YOU have agreat blog!

My cleaning confession: I use essential oils to do alot. I mix a few up in a spray bottle with water and vinegar and/or grain alcohol, I use it to scent clothes in the dryer, etc...it's good stuff! (My other confession: I hate to clean. If I wern't a germaphobe, my house would be truly scary.)